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Talent Management In Jakarta Indonesia

Formed in 2007, starting from a friendship of Professional Dancers, Friends of our Personal Artists, Associate Managers of Artists and Management of Artists and other Talents in Jakarta Indonesia, who have provided Support to Koji Artist & Talent Management to provide convenience for the Event Organizer and All Clients in Indonesia or Abroad who need Artist and Talent Services as Fillers in Events at Your Event.

Armed with my experience and knowledge in the Event in all the various Entertainment Event Concepts and also I used to be an Entertainer, Event Organizer Team and Chair of Team Wedding Organizer. With pleasure to be able to cooperate with all Event Organizer in Indonesia or Abroad who are in need of Artists & Talents for your Event such as: Election, Gathering, Launching, Seminars, People's Party, Regency Anniversary, Local Government Events / Services and Other Events. and of course also in accordance with the Rule of Cooperation rules, Riders from the Artist Team and the Implementation System from the agreement and those referred from experience to make your Event run Successfully.

We will always be the Work Partners of the Event Organizer and Clients. We will add to the Excitement of Event Events and through Artist & Talent Entertainers. The Entertainers we will offer include:

  1. Dangdut Singer Artists
  2. Pop Singer & Band Artists
  3. Religious Artists
  4. Comedian Artists
  5. Talent: Magician, MC, Top4 band, The Chamber, Professional Modern Dancer, Fire Dancer, Contemporary Traditional Dance, Clown and others

For all the list of names of Artists above eighty percent are our artists who are active or can be called One Doors from Koji Management, and the rest is Koji Management can be called an agency that is trusted from the list of artists above.

Yours truly for you

To invite Artists and Talents from the list above, please contact us through:

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